Thursday, 7 January 2016

"Salmon of Knowledge"

I would like to tell you about my embroidered piece, which I have worked on over the last spring.
The work is inspired by the Irish legend of the Salmon of Knowledge, a creature of sacred wisdom.
The piece measures 40 cm x 34 cm (H x W).

Photo by Mike Prendergast.

The background is made of four fabrics of different colour and quality, sewn together and incorporated into a shiny linen-polyester fabric frame for correspondence with the lustre of the Fish. 

The Salmon is embroidered with silver and platinum thread in a combination of stitches: satin, couching, asymmetric laid work.

Photo by Mike Prendergast

The Salmon emerges from tumbles of Water; this Element is symbolised by two blue colours of background fabric, spiral design of water waves done in couching stitch, in metallic thread corresponding with the Fish – as a creature belonging to the water world.
Above the Salmon is a hazel bush in couching stitch in two colours interlaced together. For reference to Irish legend a Celtic asymmetric design is used, which carries the leaves done in Urushi thread and incorporated glass beads for hazelnuts.

Photo by Mike Prendergast.

The warm-gray coloured linen fabric gives a contrast with glitter of the embroidery.
The framing: custom made frame, which I sanded and covered with silver gilding wax to give a corresponding finish to the piece.

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