Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My miniature tapestries

I have discovered that my teaching Fibre Arts & Crafts classes brings me a very special benefit: a wonderful inspiration coming from working with talented, enthusiastic and... inquisitive people.

Last autumn I decided to go back to weaving. I had a serious break of four years in doing anything in this craft. But one month I created three small tapestries.

"Złote Zatopione" (which translates: "Sunk golden...") is my favourite. I used several kinds of linen thread and twine in contrast with gold embroidery thread. The piece is done mostly in plain weave and 'pick and pick' method.
Pic. 1: "Złote Zatopione"

Pic. 2: "Złote zatoopione" - detail

"Srebrne zawieszone" ("Silver suspended"): the background combines plain weave, 'pick and pick' and elements of soumak done in various linen threads and twines, cotton thread, with touch of silver thread. Rectangular and square forms are done on small separate warps attached to the background, in plain weave only, each of them - in one kind of thread (linen, cotton or silver).

Pic. 3: "Srebrne zawieszone"

Pic. 4: "Srebrne zawieszone" - detail

"Pasma i smugi" ("Bands and streaks") is woven as one piece, with wool, soy and silk fibres, silk, linen and gold threads. I used here several methods: plain weave, twill, soumak and 'pick and pick'.

Pic. 5: "Pasma i smugi"

Pic. 6: "Pasma i smugi" - detail

*   *   *

Two of those miniature tapestries: "Złote zatopione" and "Srebrne zawieszone", were accepted to be part of the 1st annual exhibition of miniature tapestries 20x20 in Poland (Przegląd Tkaniny Unikatowej 20x20). The exhibition was shown in Warsaw and Gdansk between January and April this year.

Pic. 7: The poster announcing the openings of the exhibition in Warsaw and Gdansk.

Pic. 8: Me - with my two miniatures at the opening in Gdansk.

My miniature tapestries are a result of skills I had learned at Folk University in Turno (sadly this school was closed down a long time ago), years of experience of embroidering with metallic threads and ... working with my students on their, not only woven, projects.

...and... I developed a new taste in combining very contrasting materials: rough unbleached linen and shiny metallic threads.

Where will it go???

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