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Students’ comments on Fibre Arts & Crafts (Felting, Weaving, Embroidery, Crochet, Manipulating Fabric) Classes – Rathmines College, Bray Institute of Further Education, Ballsbridge College.

This is a great course – whether you are a beginner, an improver or an expert. All your questions will be dealt with and you will come away from the course with skills + confidence in applying a range of crafts.
Maeve Gallagher

Uisce is an incredible teacher, patient, knowledgeable & inspiring. The atmosphere in the class was welcoming and encouraging, and, with Uisce's support & help, I've learned the basics of several new crafts I know I'll enjoy for a lifetime.
Nem Kerns 

It’s a marvelous class to try out different crafts that you have heard of, but have never got around to try. Every craft is introduced by little projects that you can finish, so you have lots of completed projects for yourself or to give away as presents.
Claudia Schacke

Brilliant introduction to several crafts. Lots of personal attention. Great atmosphere. Very inspiring.

Wendy Bartlett

Very enjoyable class, great teacher with excellent knowledge and patience. Would highly recommend.
Mandy Berkeley

Very much enjoyed versatility of crafts. Also concentration on particular subject. Look forward to continuing on selected craft. Many thanks.

I found this Fibre Arts and Crafts class excellent. Full of inspiration and originality. Very relaxing

Uisce is a fantastic patient teacher who is giving with her time + expertise. The course provides an opportunity to try lots of crafts & to extend your abilities.
Katie Hayes

Thanks so much Uisce. Thoroughly enjoyed the course + learned so much. Really appreciated the present of the thread - I have no excuse now I'll have to get stitching.
Mella Cusack

Great class to discover different crafts in a really friendly atmosphere and a really nice and patient teacher. I loved it and would like to do it again if I can. And wish I can keep in touch with you .
Emy Peyret

A thoroughly enjoyable class - the time flew and I just wish the term was longer. Uisce was fantastic, so encouraging & so enthusiastic.

Uisce is an inspirational teacher and gives you the support you need to tackle any project.


Really enjoyed classes, lovely atmosphere & excellent tutoring - gave a great introduction to new yarn crafts I hadn't tried before... Thanks Uisce.
Anne Marie Walsh

This was a lovely course that gives you a great intro to new crafts you would otherwise never have done or tried. I have a new love of felting + weaving now I never had before!!
Niamh C

A fantastic class where I learnt a whole range of new crafting skills. It was one of the most chilled evenings of my week. Uisce is a fantastic teacher and facilitates a relaxed and enjoyable class every week.

Great variety of crafts and very pleasant atmosphere at every class.


This was a really lovely class. Enjoyed it enormously. Uisce is a great teacher, very interested in everything we were all doing.

The fibre arts & crafts class is varied & interesting. Uisce is a very well informed & enthusiastic teacher.

Fin Dunne

A wonderful class. I learnt so much, It was the most relaxing, friendly class.
Maria Fitzgerald

Crochet and embroidery were my favourite, however I did enjoy trying all the other crafts - weaving, felting etc. The two hours went by very quickly. Nice friendly group and teacher great.

Katherine Glennon

I really enjoyed my time in this class. I learned loads. I was hesitant to enroll but now I am really glad I did.

Explained well. Very patient teacher. Friendly class.
Deirdre Bohan

Great class with great people. Really relaxed and fun.

I enjoyed the course. We learned a lot about different crafts. It was a good introduction into weaving, crochet and embroidery. Now I would like to learn more.

Spend time enjoying discovering skills that you never knew you had in encouraging and pleasant company.

Uisce is a great teacher, patient, enthusiastic, encourager and funny. Even if you don't like one of the crafts, she's always open to show you a new way to enjoy it. And if you like it, you have a grand opportunity to learn with the great artist who she is. Her embroidery is absolutely amazing.

Clara Ponte


Students’ comments on Arts & Crafts (Discovering and Mastering Embroidery Techniques) Classes – Rathmines College 2013

Uisce is so enthusiastic and informative about embroidery that you couldn't fail to get interested in the whole area while in her class. She also does beautiful embroidery pieces herself. They are spectacularly good!
Mary Kelleher

Excellent class. I wanted to learn the basic embroidery stitches for ages and this class was the perfect opportunity. Really enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere in class. The fastest 1 ½ hours of the week!

Very enjoyable course – inspiring teacher.
Eileen Buckley

Very relaxing class. Really enjoy it.

Great for beginners – I learnt the basics in 10 short classes.
Anne Dowling

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